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NIVA upholds the belief that the  students are the most important people in the school.
NIVA American International School was established in 1991, and has since earned a reputation for its genuineness and integrity as a school that cares about the wants and dreams of parents and students. NIVA does everything it can to bring out the best in children for a highly successful future from the day they join NIVA.
Students success means success for parents as well as all the other stakeholders associated with NIVA. Parents are invited to attend many school functions and also to engage in the school’s curriculum and program developments. Through this partnership, students receive a dynamic learning experience that harmoniously develops their intellectual, social, physical and spiritual potential to the optimum. NIVA also trains its students to become responsible, confident, mindful and respectful of cultural diversity.


Welcome to the NIVA community. 21st century schools are more than just learning venues; they are communities that stretch far beyond the infrastructure we all can see in the school environment. Coupling strong principles of integrity with hard work and the desire to achieve sets us apart from other international schools. 

Frequently, schools are looked at as a place where students go to solely accrue knowledge and when the day is over, so are students’ relationships with the school. At NIVA, we are different. Our leafy campus, complete with excellent sports facilities and a fantastic indoor swimming pool, is a place where students come to congregate, not only for their education, but also for a warm and safe social unit. This marriage between the academics and social life helps our students to feel like they are a part of the NIVA family.

Deciding on which school is best for your children can be a difficult and trying process. At NIVA, we take away the guess work by having a transparent system where expectations are clearly delineated. In the same way that our rigorous expectations are defined for our students, so are our expectations for our fully qualified faculty. 

We are certain that NIVA will continue to stand out as the leader in “Building Skills for Excellence” and will, for generations, strive to provide the absolute best learning environment for our students.

Gabriel Pierce



NIVA uses the Common Core curriculum from America. This robust curriculum encompasses everything a student needs to become a successful university applicant and productive member of society with 21st century skills. Our textbooks are updated yearly and we adopt to the changing world by doing research every year to get the best education for your child.

At NIVA we believe in individual strengths and for that reason there is no single skill set that outweighs another. Grouping is randomized to cater to our diverse student body and to allow their individual strengths to shine.

We also emphasize on Leadership and Individual quality traits to help the student succeed by using their individualized strengths. 

Bangkok has well over 100 international schools ensuring competitive options for parents. At NIVA we pride ourselves on focusing on 21st century skills with English being the language of instruction. Our computer and business departments lead the industry in qualifying our graduates for careers in those, and other, fields. We have a 100% University matriculation rate.

The majority of NIVA teachers are Americans and we also have teachers representing a number of other European and Asian countries.

NIVA uses English as the main language in the school. Many alumni have testified that the English they got from NIVA set them up to communicate on a global level and helped them be more successful when dealing with others. We also offer Thai language to develop the child's way of speaking Thai professionally. And we offer Chinese language in the elementary level.

Yes, our strong counselling department support our students from mild to moderate learning difficulties. We also provide advice and counseling to students who are preparing for university. The counsellor sets appointments with both the parents and the student to help assess the interests of the student on which university the student wants to pursue his/her degree. 

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Send us your email and phone number so that we can schedule you for a school tour at NIVA. 

Send us a message

If you would like to book a school tour, ask about admissions, or any other school offerings, please write it down below. 


18 Soi Phokaew 3, Yaek 11 
Ladprao 101, Klong Chan
Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240


Email: info@niva. FUN88
Phone: 02-948-4605
Fax: 02-948-4211


NIVA American International School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). 


Please send us your ideas, bug reports, or suggestions to! Any feedback would be appreciated.

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